Hold your breath because we are about to burst out into laughter.
Besides being an amazing vocalist and songwriter but man isn’t Bien a comedian.
So for the past week or so, he has been too vocal when it comes to bald men saying they are the sexiest and most loyal men a woman can have. He even used Issa Rae’s man to describe the same and when Jada Pinket Smith went bald, he told his fans that being bald is sexy.
Today, Bien created an award claiming that he is the sexiest bald man alive.
“Bien aka the big bald chocolate from Nairobi edged out stiff competition from NIgke Tyson, JB Smooue, The Rock and Prince Williams to take home the crown. In his speech, he said “haters gon’ hate but hey…” Read the poster
According to research conducted by U.K. publication The Sun, the Duke of Cambridge was crowned the sexiest bald man in the world a few weeks ago.
But who are we to say Bien ain’t the sexiest, we support local talent ama? Read the comments in the post below for a good laugh:


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