Sharp divisions continue to dog the Nasa affiliates Wiper and ODM over who should reign supreme in the Kajiado woman rep race.
The latest incident to play out in public was at a political rally addressed by Governor David Nkedianye in Ngatatoek Kajiado Central, on Wednesday evening.
Esther Somoire is running on ODM while Wiper Simaiyai Rakita.
The two women are now engaged in a supremacy battle, stoking fears within the coalition that they might split the Nasa vote to the advantage of Jubilee.
When she took to the podium at the Ngatatoek rally, Ms Rakita spoke of an agreement between Wiper and ODM that reportedly gives ODM the governorship position while Wiper takes the woman rep’s position.
She added that by failing to support her candidacy for the woman rep position, ODM risks losing Wiper’s support in Kajiado.
Ms Somoire, on her part, accused Ms Rakita of not being truthful, adding that she (Somoire) won the ODM nominations, in which Ms Rakita refused to participate.
“There are no free things in politics. Let us meet at the ballot and allow voters to decide who will become the woman rep,” said Ms Somoire.
This is not the first time the two women are clashing in public.
The same scenario played out during Madaraka Day celebrations in Kitengela.
Apart from Ms Somoire and Ms Rakita, ANC too has a candidate, Martha Marwa, who is also eyeing the seat within the coalition.
A number of speakers called for dialogue between the two candidates but when he rose to speak, Governor Nkedianye steered clear of the issue and instead focused on the impeding battle between him and former Interior Minister Joseph ole Lenku.
He claimed that Mr OLenku is using his choice of 32-year-old running mate Martin Moshisho to entice the youthful voters in Kajiado Central to his side.
“The youth of Kajiado Central have seen enough in Dr Nkedianye’s government to give me five more years,” said Dr Nkedianye.
“Moshisho is just one young man who has been promised a job. When we get back into office on August 9, we shall give him a job,” he said.
Moshisho comes from Kajiado Central.


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