Video Of Journalist Hassan Mugambi That Is Trending

Video Of Journalist Hassan Mugambi That Is Trending

A reliable source has reported about a video of TV journalist Hassan Mugambi. This is after it has emerged showing him delighting a crowd with his incredible voice. He was performing to show that for sure he is a multi talented man. He was actually performing Mbosso’s song, Tamu.

One netizen who saw the video said that for sure he is a great man. The fact that he was ready to entertain people was such a great idea that many people loved.

Hassan Mugambi has introduced his girlfriend, but as soon as he did so,a lady by the name Wamuyu has claimed she is taking care of Hassan’s child.

She wants to disrupt the journalist’s wedding and marriage. Wamuyu says Hassan had promised to marry her, she only learnt of the other woman through the media.

Hopefully things work out well and his smile and happiness can be like that spotted when he was in the video.

by: Josfyn

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