Ever since Mr Seed was exposed for impregnating a Somali-Kenyan lady he was secretly seeing; it seems that this affected his relationship with baby cum wifey Nimo Gachuiri – and there’s no thing abnormal about this.
Happy times between Mr Seed and wife, Nimo before side chick
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Although the exposè put Mr Seed in check; (he is working on a new album) fans can’t help notice how inactive his love life has since become after the scandal.
Well, it appears that I am not the only one who has noticed that Mr Seed; and Nimoh no longer share photos of each other. Although this could be a new strategy to help keep their relationship on the low; unfortunately this move also screams out separation.
Fans worried about Mr Seed’s relationship with Nimo
Going through the comment section of his latest photos, there are a few fans who went on inquire about Nimoh’s where abouts; but as expected, Mr Seed didn’t have much to say.
One of his fans wrote;
Wapi mama Mtoto
To which Seed responded saying;
DM her please
while another wrote;
Ulipeleka wapi Nimo
And the singer wrote;
Nimoh deletes Mr Seeds photos
Looking at Nimoh’s Instagram, it’s evident that the lady has deleted all traces of their romance from Instagram; which might actually mean that clearly something is not okay between her and Mr Seed.
Also, the fact that they no longer work together on their YouTube channel; it’s obvious that something is up with these two – but again, what if they’ve decided to keep their relationship a secret at last? Who knows!


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