Tizian Speaks On His Relationship With Chira As He Responds To Claims King Roso Sacrifices TikTokers

Tizian Speaks On His Relationship With Chira As He Responds To Claims King Roso Sacrifices TikTokers

TikTok sensation Tizian Savage has spoken out about his friendship with the late Brian Chira and addressed swirling rumors regarding fellow TikToker, King Roso.

Tizian candidly shared insights into his relationship with Chira and offered clarity on the mysterious figure, King Roso amidst speculation and assumptions.

Addressing the speculations linking him romantically to Brian Chira, Tizian firmly denied any romantic involvement, saying that their bond was solely based on friendship.

In an exclusive interview with TUKO.co.ke, Tizian expressed,

“We were just great friends, that’s all.” He further dispelled rumors questioning his sexuality, asserting, “I am very straight.”

Tizian acknowledged Chira’s role in boosting his visibility within the TikTok community. Despite the tragic loss of his friend, Tizian says he remains grateful for the impact Chira had on his life and career.

“Chira made me famous,” he added.

Tizian also spoke about King Roso. Known for his extravagant gifts to content creators, King Roso’s identity and motives have sparked curiosity and speculation.

Tizian said that despite being a recipient of gifts from King Roso’s friend, he remains unaware of the benefactor’s true identity.

Tizian dismissed rumors suggesting nefarious intentions behind King Roso’s gifts, saying, “He has never gifted me, but his friend gifted once.”

He challenged the notion that King Roso engages in sacrificial practices, pointing out the numerous TikTokers who have received gifts without facing any harm.

“I wondered why the other TikTokers who received gifts from Roso were still alive,” Tizian remarked, dismissing the sinister allegations.

This development comes days when TikToker Brian Chira was laid to rest in Githunguri, Kiambu County, on Tuesday 26, March 2024, in an event attended by thousands of content creators.

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