A pre-primary school teacher sustained serious burns after he was attacked by relatives on allegations of witchcraft. Peter Nyaga Ivara is recuperating at Embu Level 5 Teaching and Referral Hospital.
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The ECDE teacher at Gatete Primary School in Mbeere South sub-County of Embu County said two relatives dragged him to their homestead where they doused him with petrol and set him ablaze. He said he was waylaid while walking home from school.
Speaking from his hospital bed, Nyaga said a passer-by pleaded with his two relatives not to harm him in vain. “They dragged me and forced me to follow them against my will. We have had family conflicts earlier and I had already relocated and even transferred from Rutumbi Primary School that is near our extended family home,” Nyaga (right) added.
Nyaga said the suspects attacked him, accusing him of being a witch and possessing evil spirits. “One of them doused me with petrol while another lit the fire. I managed to escape and removed the shirt that was on fire. But due to my disability, they caught up with me, wrestled me down and lit the fire again,” he said.
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Gregory Mutiso, Mbeere South sub-County police commander, said his office was investigating the incident.


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