They say time is a healer but when it comes to the loss of a loved one no amount of time can take away the pain. The king of rap took to his social media to commemorate his late dad Julius Ombima who passed away 16 years ago. Still a fresh memory, King Kaka wrote a long heartfelt message revealing how hard his parents worked for him and his siblings to get to where they are now.
‘’Just a few years ago, my mother alikuwa bado anauza matunda industrial area na my father was a caretaker at some building in Upper Hill. Now one of their sons has become a household name and more so the standard of living has really improved thanks to the Almighty. And with all these achievements that I am getting, I just wish I could pick up the phone and call my father and tell him ‘I have been nominated’,
‘I am going for a gig this Friday’, ‘my song is doing well’ ‘I love you’ but Its so many years now, a phone call can’t reach him. Wish he was around. It’s been 16years since Julius Ombima left and your legacy still lives on. Your sons are working hard and to make sure your wife gets the great life she deserves. We miss you. Happy Anniversary.’’ The rapper posted.


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