“Rafiki Yangu Deputy President” Ndindi Nyoro Message to DP Gachagua After Long Time of Not Meeting

“Rafiki Yangu Deputy President” Ndindi Nyoro Message to DP Gachagua After Long Time of Not Meeting

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and Kiharu Constituency Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro were among the leaders who were invited for a fundraiser at Gatimu Kinyona Girl’s Secondary School in Murang’a County.


This came as a surprise to most Kenyans because the two have not met face to face for a long time after some Mount Kenya leaders predicted that Nyoro will succeed President William Ruto in 2032.

When Nyoro was given a chance to speak, he welcomed Gachagua stating that Murang’a is his home because that is where all Kikuyus originate from.

Nyoro said, “Karibu sana hapa Murang’a Deputy President and in fact it’s also your home. Kwa sababu sisi wote ambao tunaongea lugha kama yangu ya mama tunatoka hapa Murang’a na kwa hivyo wewe uko nyumbani. (Welcome to Murang’a Deputy President. This is your home because all of us who speak my mother tongue originate from this region, so you (Gachagua) are at home.”)


Nyoro then said that he is happy for the leadership of President William Ruto and his deputy who he referred to as a friend. He thanked them for prioritising the agricultural sector which is one of activities that earn people a living.

“Mimi nafurahi sana tukiongozwa na Rais wetu na rafiki yangu Deputy President, the second most important thing is holding the hands of our farmers. When I look at our budget the second highest thing on the list after education is supporting our farmers especially when it comes to inputs because this is one of the things that will bring money in people’s pockets,” Ndindi Nyoro said.


Nyoro went further to thank DP Gachagua for doing the work that his boss Ruto gave him which is managing tea, coffee and milk sectors. He revealed that being the Chairman of the Budgets and Appropriation the DP instructed him to add more money to these agricultural sectors which he did.

The MP said, “Before I sit down, me as Ndindi Nyoro and all the leaders of Kenya Kwanza, we know the plan that our president and his deputy have to transform our country. We know the economy of our nation is changing and the least we can do as leaders is hold your hand. We offer the President and you the Deputy President our unconditional support as you serve the people of Kenya. The president gave you the role of managing the agricultural sector especially tea, coffee and milk. You instructed me to add more money to support these three and we pray for you to succeed.”

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