Parliament to Conduct Headcount on MP’s Bodyguards

Parliament to Conduct Headcount on MP’s Bodyguards

A team has been set up to audit all police bodyguards attached to Members of Parliament.

The officers draw allowances from the Parliamentary Service Commission.

A memo dated May 9, 2024, said the Commission Committee on Security and Development during its meeting held on April 9, 2024, resolved that an audit of all police officers attached to Parliament and drawing police top-up allowance be done.

“In this regard, the Directorate of Human Capital and Administrative Services, the Directorate of Security and Safety Services and the Directorate of Sergeant-at-arms of both houses are carrying out a head count for all police officers attached to Parliament,” read the memo by the director general parliamentary joint service Clement Nyandiere.

The first phase of the headcount was carried out between April 22, 2024 and April 26, 2024.

The second phase of the headcount is for bodyguards/ protection officers for MPs is scheduled between May 17 and 24.

The exercise requires the bodyguards/ protection officers to physically present themselves in person.

“Please communicate to Members of Parliament to inform their bodyguards/ protection officers to avail themselves in person and to bring a photocopy of their original national identity card, photocopy of C.O.A (Certificate of Appointment), posting order/ signal/ marching order, KRA Pin Certificate and digital passport-size photos to be taken at the security and safety offices,” read the memo.

Failure to participate will lead to officers being struck off the payroll, the memo added.

Currently, all MPs and Cabinet Secretaries are entitled to at least one police guard and two each at their homes upcountry or in the city.

Several other individuals also have bodyguards. They include clerks of the House and Senate, the Chief Justice and his or her deputy, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Judges and the Attorney General.

The size of the security detail varies according to the duties discharged by an official, and the level of risk.

Governors, deputy governors, several chairmen of parliamentary committees, the Chief Justice, the governor of the Central Bank of Kenya, the Speakers of the National Assembly and Senate, the Inspector General of Police, and his deputies are also in the League of the fortified.

These public officers each have a chase car, at least five guards, and another division protecting their spouses and children.

Some parastatal chiefs, principal secretaries and even deputy secretaries are also entitled to police bodyguards.

This is apart from APs assigned at every level of the provincial administration such as county and sub-county commissioners.

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