Nikita Kering Sustain Injuries After Being Stepped on by a Cow 

Nikita Kering Sustain Injuries After Being Stepped on by a Cow 

Popular musician by the name Nikita Kering has left the internet filled with mixed reactions and feelings after a video of her being stepped on by a cow has gone viral in different social media platforms.

The video which was posted in one of the social media platforms shows how Nikita Kering was trying to milk a cow before the bad accident befall her leaving her limping.

Nikita Kering has dressed properly so as to embark on milking the cow after being thought for a while. She was so confident in that at the first place, she was doing it properly without any mistakes.

After some few minutes, the cow sensed that the person who was milking it was not the same person who had been milking it for days. It started kicking it’s legs which had been tied by a rope.

The legs of the cow were sustained so that it could not make unnecessary movements and also not to disturb the person who was milking it. After sometime, the cow manged to open up hence leading to stepping on the left leg of the musician leaving her with injuries.

Nikita Kering was forced to seek for medical attention for her leg had gotten serious injuries that led to her having difficulty in walking around.

This incident has however raised a lot of mixed reactions and feelings from the Kenyans as they are left feeling sorry for the musician for getting the unexpected accident.

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