New Details Emerge In Shooting Of Eastleigh Businessman With Ksh 4M Cash Captured On CCTV

New Details Emerge In Shooting Of Eastleigh Businessman With Ksh 4M Cash Captured On CCTV

Eastleigh Businessman Adan Ali Mohamed faced a troubling incident recently, captured on CCTV. He was carrying Ksh4 million in cash, representing two days’ worth of cooking oil sales, to the bank. However, his plans took a dangerous turn when he was attacked while riding on a motorcycle. Another motorcycle intercepted him, and he was shot in the neck.

“He was taking two-day sales of cooking oil to the bank. He found the bank closed and called his colleague to inform him,” a relative told the press.

“He was told to take a motorbike and within a half-kilometer, he was accosted by thieves whose origins were unknown. He was shot and robbed of the money.”

The severity of the situation became evident when it was discovered that the bullet caused a spinal cord injury, leaving him unable to feel his legs. Medical professionals determined that he required specialized treatment, including a procedure to stabilize and decompress his spinal cord.

“When the injury happened, the patient could not sense his legs and when he was brought, we managed to take care of him immediately,” the medical expert explained

“We did imaging, a CT Scan, and MRI. That confirmed our fears which shows that he has got a serious injury in his spinal cord. He will require a procedure to destabilise the spine and decompress the spinal cord to give him a chance for recovery.”

Reports suggest that the attack occurred while Mohamed was on his way to BBS Mall. Authorities, including officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, are actively pursuing the perpetrators.

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