Nairobi Police Chief Bungei Proposes Deployment Of Private Security Guards On City Streets

Nairobi Police Chief Bungei Proposes Deployment Of Private Security Guards On City Streets

NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 30 – Nairobi’s Regional Police Boss, Adamson Bungei, has proposed a strategic plan to deploy Private Security Guards on city streets, each overseen by a designated Commander reporting directly to him, aiming to bolster security measures.

Addressing security guards during their mass registration in Nairobi on Saturday, Bungei emphasized the importance of collaboration between the police force, City Council Askaris, and private security firms to enhance security in the city.

“We have talked and agreed with your Director General, Fazul Mahamed, that you, as private guard officers, are the right resource that we need to partner with to heighten security within the city,” stated Bungei.

Highlighting the significance of government efforts to ensure civilian safety, Bungei underscored the importance of coordination between private security firms and National Security teams.

He outlined that the guards stationed across various streets within the city would report directly to him through their designated commanders in case of any security incidents, such as muggings, observed within their areas of operation.

“This will mark a new chapter in policing the city because there is hardly any mugger who engages in robbery activities without being at least observed by a security guard in any street of the city. Our priority is the safety of the public,” remarked Bungei.

Fazul Mahamed, the Director-General of the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA), disclosed that the mass registration exercise for security guard force numbers (GFN) would also encompass bouncers, stewards, and close protection officers.

The registration initiative aims to cover over 30,000 private security guards nationwide.

“The objective of this initiative is to formally register our Guard officers by assigning each one of them a Guard Force Number. We want each one of you to have a badge of honor that will grant you dignity and respect as a professional security guard,” explained Mahamed.

The registration of private security guard officers aligns with the ongoing mandatory nationwide security vetting, training, and licensing of all private security officers.

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