Barare Ogeto alias DJ Euphoric has said he still has the hope of finding Mrs. Right despite living with a disability.
Euphoric who doubles as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s personal DJ says he has on different occasions been turned down by women for being in a wheelchair.
The bubbly spin master lost the use of his limbs at a young age after suffering from polio.
Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Euphoric shared.
“I approached this lady I wanted to date and she told me to my face that she can’t date a guy with disabilities.
She said she did not know how to tell her family that she is dating a guy in a wheelchair.
She was also afraid of her friend’s reactions if they found out she was dating a guy on a wheelchair.”
Euphoric says he is still optimistic about finding the woman he will grow old with.
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Sharing on the qualities he is looking for in his future wife Euphoric shared
“She must have a big heart.
The reason is I would one day love to have a home for babies abandoned by their mums at birth.
So she must be a mum to my biological babies and a mum as well to those babies who are abandoned.”
“She has to be understanding, appreciating, loving caring and above all, she has to be a God-fearing lady and focused in all aspects of life.”


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