Murathe Reveals How Raila Openly Opposed Uhuru in a Closed Door Meeting Over NADCO Report

Murathe Reveals How Raila Openly Opposed Uhuru in a Closed Door Meeting Over NADCO Report

The Jubilee party national chairperson David Murathe has shared the details of the recent closed door meeting between Raila Odinga and the former president Uhuru in presence of a few allies from each side.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Standard, Murathe revealed that the former head of state openly expressed his uncomfortability with Raila’s move to support the report produced by the National Dialogue Committee ( NADCO ).

In the closed door meeting, Murathe revealed that Uhuru urged / called on the Azimio leader to reject the report and send the committee back to the board. “Uhuru’s task was to convince Raila to reject the report drafted by Members of the Kenya Kwanza and Azimio coalitions,” revealed Murathe.

Unfortunately during the meeting, the Azimio leader openly opposed the former head of state’s demand that the report should be rejected by the opposition.

Instead, Raila expressed a sense of winning stating the the Azimio team managed to get through a total three ( 3 ) out of ( 4 ) grievances they had presented before the committee – something that is good.

“Raila explained to him that the Azimio team had managed to pass three out of four of their demands through the committee. The Kenya Kwanza team only failed to agree the cost of living agenda,” revealed Murathe.

The former head of state went on lamenting that the NADCO report is just a replica of the banned BBI report save for the one-man-one-shilling proposal.

With two meetings already held within a month, the Azimio coalition is yet to find common ground on the NADCO report.

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