“Mungu Mponye” Popular Bishop Visits Kikuyu Musician After Undergoing A Third Surgery

“Mungu Mponye” Popular Bishop Visits Kikuyu Musician After Undergoing A Third Surgery

Kenyans have applauded popular televangelist bishop (JJ Gitahi) who took his time and visited Kikuyu Musician Peter alias “Miracle baby”.

In a photo shared online by the clergy man, Miracle baby’s face was filled with joy after successfully undergoing a third surgery a few days ago. He was admitted to the hospital after suffering from raptured intestines which interfered with his digestive system. Kikuyu philanthropist identified as Karangu Muraya mobilized Kenyans and fundraised over one million shillings for his surgery. Several politicians like Loise Kim also chipped in and contributed money to the ailing mugithi artist.

Miracle baby is famous for his gengetone hits like “wamlambez”. He also worked as a presenter at a vernacular radio station and collaborated with other artists before being admitted in the hospital. Opera fraternity wishes him a speedy recovery. On the other news Carol Katrue who is Peter’s baby mama was also admitted in the hospital today. In a photo shared online by Karol Katrue, she had a drip in her hand and appeared to be dull compared to her jovial normal self. However, she did not state what she was suffering from. The two were blessed with a baby boy a year ago.

Bishop JJ Gitahi urged her followers to pray for Peter and his family and revealed that they are in stable condition. Drop a comment below follow like and share this article widely for more updates on local and international news.

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