“Mshughulikie Watoto Wenu” Juliani’s Wife Lillian Nganga Slams Deadbeat Dads

“Mshughulikie Watoto Wenu” Juliani’s Wife Lillian Nganga Slams Deadbeat Dads

Lillian Nganga, the wife of celebrated Kenyan rapper Julius Owino alias Juliani, has in the last few hours or so called out deadbeat dads.

The 38-year-old businesswoman who is also an author was infact pissed off by a recent case of a baby mama being trolled on social media, just because she was asking for child support from her baby daddy.

Photo: Lillian Nganga

Lillian Nganga therefore gave her take about the whole situation on her Instagram stories on Friday.

Even though she never gave more details about the case like the identities of the people involved, she was in full support for the baby mama and urged baby daddies to always support the kids they sired.

Lillian Nganga was however also alive to the fact that some women usually take advantage of the situation to extort their baby daddies. Therefore she called out such baby mamas too.

“Someone is under fire for asking her baby’s father for child support.

It’s bewildering how some people refuse to provide for their children and say ‘entrapment’, ‘crazy baby mamas’ etc.

The child is innocent, separate your drama with the BM and take care of your child!

As they say though, kids grow up and realise who the bad parent was! – that’s why you see neglected parents in old age.

  • I also don’t support extortion via child support. Do your bit as the woman”. She said.

Lillian Nganga’s take however comes at a time when her husband Juliani is also a baby daddy to someone else, i.e renowned actress Brenda Wairimu.

However unlike the other deadbeat dads out there, the talented rapper is always present whenever his daughter Amor needs his love and time.

Juliani even amicably co-parents with Brenda Wairimu to raise the 8-year-old.

A good example of this is how the two have always come together to celebrate Amor’s birthday in January every year.

Even though the sassy actress rarely talks about their situation as co-parents, the ‘Utawala’ hit maker has always had interviews and opened up about their situation.

Juliani has infact previously praised Brenda Wairimu for being a good baby mama, who makes their co-parenting easy.

Photo: Brenda Wairimu and Amor

He complimented her for how she even always provides for Amor incase he is in a situation where he maybe unable to do so.

“It’s a people thing. Mother wa mtoi wangu is a good person. She wants the best for her child, and I don’t think she wants the worst for me”.

“Because she wants the best for her child then it’s automatic that she will go the extra mile to make sure that I see the child and hang out. Some things if I can’t do she does” Juliani said.

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