MPs Reject Bid by Senate to Give Counties Sh415 Billion

MPs Reject Bid by Senate to Give Counties Sh415 Billion

A National Assembly committee has rejected a bid by the Senate to give counties Sh415 billion in the next financial year.

The Budget and Appropriations Committee (BAC) said the enhanced allocation was untenable and rallied the House to reject it.

“I urge this house to agree with BAC that we reject the senate amendment,” BAC chairman Ndindi Nyoro said. said.

The development comes after the senate approved an allocation of Sh415 billion to counties up from the Sh391 billion that had been passed by the National Assembly.

The Senate had amended the Division of Revenue Bill, 2024 to enhance the allocation to ShSh415 billion.

The Bill splits between the National and County Government’s revenues generated nationally.

Ndindi said that agreeing with the senate allocation would mean a reduction in the National Government’s Constituency Development Fund (NGCDF) and the Road Maintenance Levy Fund.

Majority leader Kimani Ichung’wa concurred with the committee.

The Kikuyu MP added that giving to the Senate demands would mean massive sacrifices in the NGCDF and other affirmative funds.

If we were to agree with the Senate this afternoon, if you give something, something else must give way. If we give Sh10 billion for road maintenance, you will sacrifice that money to your governors hoping that they will build the same roads that you want to do,” Ichung’wa said.

But Minority Whip Junet Mohamed agreed with the Senate’s amendments.

He said devolved has proved to be the game changer and equaliser in the country thus the need for enhanced allocation.

“The only money that Kenyans enjoy are monies that go to counties,” he said.

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