Miracle Baby Emotionally Eulogizes Brian Chira 

Miracle Baby Emotionally Eulogizes Brian Chira 

Gengetone artist Peter famously known as Miracle baby, has opened up on his last conversation with Brian Chira. The two crossed paths at a hospital, where Brian Chira revealed to Miracle Baby about his ongoing battle with depression.

In his instagram stories, Miracle baby share a photo of him and Brian Chira as he expressed his sadness on how young people are dying tragedly, he also added that Brian Chira went to see him when he was hospitalized and revealed to him that he was fighting depression. Miracle baby promised to keep in touch with him after he was out of the hospital so that they would talk but the tragic demise has cut off the plans.

“Ni sad vile vijana wanadedi, Chira alikam kunicheki hosi na akanishow ana battle depression. Tulikuwa tubonge nikitoka hosi only to hear ati amepass, rip bro bado siamini umetuacha.” Miracle baby instagram story read.

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