Sleuths are currently investgating an incident where a cop who dramatically nabbed a young man hours after a viral clip was caught robbing a man in broad daylight.

According to Ntvkenya, the officer was nabbed alongside others after a botched robbery in Nairobi.

In the said report the officer and others arrested at Kasarani police base, had just robbed a bazzar over 2 million before vanishing.

Well, it has now emerged that that detectives managed to recover a certain amount of the stolen cash from the said cops .

This incident has sparked serious uproar across the internet with reports having it that 8 vops are currently in custody for breaking the law.

A huge number of kenyans have raised questions who safe the country is in the hands of such cops.

Just two days ago a young university student identified as Ian Ngige was apprehended by detectives after he assaulted a cop and the incident caught on cameras.

Well, after being arraigned many have asked the offi involved to drop the case and forgive him .

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