Investigators are looking into yet another death caused by a fall at a high-rise in Nairobi’s Kasarani neighbourhood.

Susan Ngima, 22, fell to her death from the sixth storey of a residential house. Two days prior, a banker in the same location died under similar circumstances, according to authorities.

Police were informed by witnesses On Monday night, December 18, Susan fell from the balcony of Royban Apartments and perished instantaneously.

It’s unclear if she was shoved off or committed suicide. The caretaker informed police that she was by herself when the crime occurred.

She was sent to Radiant Group of Hospitals and upon arrival, was declared deceased.

A similar occurrence occurred on December 15, when financier Michael Habel Onyancha fell to his death from the building’s third level.

Onyancha’s family is investigating how he allegedly fell from the third story just moments after having a party with a certain woman.

Onyancha was seen on CCTV the evening of Friday, December 15, going up the apartment’s stairs.

In the video, a woman accompanied the 33-year-old banker as they struggled up the stairs following a wild night out.

The CCTV tape showed the two going into the woman’s home and the woman taking him up from downstairs and helping him up.

He apparently fell a short while later and was taken to St. Francis Community Hospital, where he was given emergency care.

He crashed past several iron bars and through a roof, onto the floor.

The witness claimed that as he was having trouble breathing, neighbours hurried to the site to see how he was doing. According to friends who were present, the two departed the club at 10.30 p.m.

Based on the CCTV footage, they got to the premises at about eleven o’clock.

They drove Onyancha to St. Francis Hospital in Kasarani using his car, and when they got there, they declared him dead.

According to the family, the postmortem examination was halted on Monday by the director of homicide at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in anticipation of more inquiries.

Blair Muthoni, 23, died in a fall in the same place, and the police stated they are looking into that incident as well.

It was unclear whether he was pushed or injured himself when he fell to his death a few days ago, following an alleged fall from the top of a residential building.

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