Wizzo Tano Nane has not been making news for months now and I guess this is because – he did not have much to offer his fans.
He however changed this, just a few hours ago when he decided to introduce his girlfriend to fans. Judging from the photo shared on his Twitter page, let’s just say that Wizzo may not look so attractive (something about what he uses/abuses) but hey; all I know is that the young man has taste when it comes down to the ladies!
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Wizzo flaunts girlfriend
Well, although by now we all know that Wizzo uses – turns out that he can actually bag a stunning woman (in terms of looks;) than most men in Nairobi no disrespect though!
Wizzo appreciates girlfriend
To caption his post, the entertainer went on to stunt at his haters as he wrote;
Chilling with bae. Nakupenda saana ❤️ ? Litawachoma sana but itabidi wazoe hello heirras? ?
Wizzo’s girlfriend
However Twitter being a place of nothing but Voyelence (violence) most fans could not hold back but troll his woman; as seen on some of the comments, most fans implied that for a lady to like a man like him (Wizzo;) then she must be cut from the same cloth.
But hey – that’s abit far fetched right? And like Wizzo says, Hairass gonna hate!


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