Lexy’s game is over after she accidentally killed Moh

Lexy’s game is over after she accidentally killed Moh

The episode starts at the ghetto with Emilia sorting out garments. Sanchez joins her and she asks where he has been. Sanchez lies that he was simply doing his business in the hood. She then, at that point, gets some information about Becky in light of the fact that she isn’t getting her calls. Sanchez tells her that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea where Becky went to. Emilia says that Becky took the blossoms and left. Becky then returns and Amelia asks her where she has been. Becky says that she went to see Junior and Trisha. Amelia gets stunned in light of the fact that she doesn’t accept Becky could go there. Becky lets them know that she has now affirmed that Lesser went to Trisha eagerly so that assuming she continues on, nobody ought to blame her.


Becky requests that Amelia take them out as she had guaranteed. Amelia informs them that she is executing them, but she cautions Becky against following in her footsteps. After that, Sanchez gives Becky money, and Becky smiles like a teen on heat. Becky asks Sanchez where he found the cash and Sanchez tells her that he went to bother the property manager and the landowner chose to discount the cash.

Amelia asks Sanchez what he implies by talking about he had a little gathering with the landowner. Sanchez becomes confused. After that, they serve soda and chicken, and people start to enjoy their meal. Sanchez anameza kama nguruwe hadi Becky and Amelia begin chuckling at him.


Because the landlord was too much, Amelia tells Sanchez to explain how he handled the situation. As a result of the landlord’s cowardice, they begin laughing at him. Becky then keeps grinning and viewing at Sanchez as though she believes that him should rest on her. Sanchez asks her for what reason she is eyeballing him in such a way. Becky says that she is simply glad that Sanchez is a lifeline.

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