Self-proclaimed president of single mothers Akothee has warned nosy social media users against meddling in other people’s marriages by giving unsolicited opinions on their union.
Voicing her sentiments via Instagram, the award-winning singer who weighed in on Machakos county First Lady Lillian Ng’ang’a’s break up with Governor Alfred Mutua condemned online wisecrackers who impose their views on others.
Governor Alfred Mutua and Lillian Ng’ang’a announced their separation on Sunday.
“If you have never been married, don’t point fingers. Watching people in multi-relationships, unsatisfying relationships, broken marriages but still leaving together for the society condemn the breakup of governor and his wife,” she wrote.
According to Akothee, most mouthy keyboard warriors have failed in their personal relationships and resort to hiding behind social media to pass their failures and negative energy on to others.
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“Some have never even tried living with a cockroach but are full of screenshot evidences. Leave marriages alone. Bundles are cheaper, typing is cheaper, and celebrating ones challenges is cheaper and easier. Now, how is your own relationship going or taking you now?” she added.
The Oyoyo crooner advised her fans to give a deaf ear to online trolls and enjoy life since most naysayers will only celebrate them when they are no more.
“This world is rotten; they will even celebrate your downfall at the grave. The same people who never checked on you while you were alive will come take selfies with your coffin. That’s this world. Live and enjoy alone while it lasts,” she added.
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It is safe to say that the mother of five practices what she preaches as she has taken the initiative to enjoy her life to the fullest despite sneer from others. For Akothee, if no one shows her love and support now, they shouldn’t pretend to mourn her when she is no more.
“A celebrity is celebrated more when dead than alive, sad. Let nobody come to my funeral expecting special services. You never paid for a VVIP nor showed up on my concerts and when I am dead, now you want to be recognized as one of Akothee’s supporters. Don’t come. I have instructed my family that in an event that I die before them, my body will be viewed at Rakwaro Primary School, so my loyal fans can see me it has a huge space. None of my exes will fight over my body, it’s all sorted,” shared Akothee.
Adding: “Definitely I won’t be buried in Europe, Rongo Nyale, but Jakamagambo rakwaro kacha, if you want to eat in my funeral, please carry your packed lunch, Don’t come to frustrate my family with VVIP.”


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