Veteran journalist Larry Madowo has announced his decision to return back to host the Trend show. Larry Madowo will host the show in memory of his close friend Jahmby Koikai who passed away few days ago while undergoing medical treatment.

Larry Madowo will return back to the popular show alongside several other people. They have been devastated by the untimely demise of Jahmby Koikai. They had maintained a close relationship for many years.

Jahmby Koikai had been suffering from endometriosis for many years. She was admitted in hospital on many occasions. She struggled to live a normal life despite facing many challenges due to her medical condition.

Many people have been contributing money to support Jahmby Koikai’s treatment. She was unable to pay for her treatment due to the high cost required. Kenyans were always ready to provide support to the deceased journalist.

Jahmby Koikai started her journalism career at an early age. She worked in several media houses in the country. She achieved a lot of success through hard work and determination. She enjoyed a large following in the country over the years.

Larry Madowo has been supporting the family of Jahmby Koikai to raise money for her burial arrangements. He is determined to give the deceased journalist a befitting sendoff. He acknowledged the important role that she played in his career.

Jahmby Koikai’s body is currently being preserved at Nairobi hospital mortuary. Her family members are making plans to ensure that she is laid to rest within the next few days.

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