Lady Remembers Lesbian Partner Cheating on Her With A Man & Alleging The Pregnancy Was Hers

Lady Remembers Lesbian Partner Cheating on Her With A Man & Alleging The Pregnancy Was Hers

After almost two years of friendship, a woman named @abz.iggy shared on TikTok how her lover had cheated on her and become pregnant.

The ex-lover then attempted to convince the woman that the child was indeed hers, and for a brief moment, the woman admitted that she believed her.

One of the most astounding stories you will ever find online is @abz.iggy’s tale. The boy told her that her former boyfriend had tricked her into falling in love, and she nearly fell for it. She disclosed that she began trauma-dumping the woman after they met at a party.

“This was a long time ago. I exchanged numbers with this girl while we went dancing together. Without a doubt, she was stunning.

She began trauma dumping as soon as we started conversing. Before deciding to go on a date, the TikToker explained, she and her ex were just friends. We’ve always had a pretty strong chemistry together. She was in a relationship when I met her. She would never give up on me.

She appeared disoriented. I always tried to provide grace to others because I had the savior syndrome. After two years of getting to know one another, the two went on a date, which @abz.iggy stated she regretted.

“After two years of friendship, one of my friends persuaded me to date her,” said the buddy who first introduced us. Even now, I still hold my friend accountable.

The lengthy story short, we became romantically involved. @abz.Iggy disclosed that they had a six-week relationship before calling it quits after they discovered she had cheated on her with someone else.

We broke up, and she phoned me multiple times before maybe messaging me a photo of an ultrasound scan one day. After they split up, the ex told her she was pregnant and claimed it was hers. I was surprised by that.

For a little moment, guys—I won’t lie—I wondered, “Bro, is that mine?” when I saw a photo of an ultrasound scan after dealing with a girl. “I’m pregnant,” she declared. Are you going to assist me in taking care of this child since it’s yours?


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