Kikuyu Elders Conduct Cleansing Fete At Late TikTok Star Brian Chira’s Grave Month After His Burial

Kikuyu Elders Conduct Cleansing Fete At Late TikTok Star Brian Chira’s Grave Month After His Burial

On Tuesday, March 26, TikToker Brian Chira was laid to rest on his grandmother’s ancestral land in Gitei village, Gathanje, Kiambu County.

The cleansing came weeks after concerns over disrespectful behavior during his funeral were raised by villagers.

Chira died two months after he posted the video, leaving his fans heartbroken.

In a video shared on Facebook by user Debbymovy Official, the elders, adorned in traditional Kikuyu attire, assembled at Chira’s home to conduct the cleansing ritual.

The burial ceremony drew a crowd of prominent figures from the content creating community, known as the “Chira Clan,” and left the villagers astonished.

This ceremony comes in the wake of concerns raised by villagers regarding the behavior exhibited by the thousands of mourners who gathered at Chira’s home during his funeral proceedings. The dismay felt by villagers over what they deemed as disrespectful conduct from TikTokers during the burial ceremony.

They had never seen such a large and unruly crowd of young people. Some of the mourners showed little respect for village elders.

Villagers expressed outrage over TikTokers’ actions, including dancing, recording videos, and taking selfies around Chira’s final resting place.

Normally, Brian, 23, would have been buried by his immediate family, schoolmates and a few neighbors. But that was not the case, as even the religious leaders were denied the opportunity to lead the service at the gravesite.

Particularly egregious to the community was the stepping on the graves of Chira’s ancestors and performing rituals, such as watering the flowers with alcohol, at the grave site.

Disorder broke out as hundreds of TikTokers gathered around the grave, some of them drunk and reckless.

The villagers, deeply rooted in Kikuyu culture, considered these actions as deeply disrespectful and called for a cleansing ceremony to remove any negative spirits left behind.

Villagers and even family members stood back, allowing them to bury their friend without fully understanding what was happening. Instead of simply covering the grave with earth, they scattered it and began to plant flowers.

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