Kenyan Celebrity Mothers With The Best Mommy Daughter Relationship

Kenyan Celebrity Mothers With The Best Mommy Daughter Relationship

Motherhood is the most interesting and fascinating phase of life that every woman wishes to achieve someday. There’s nothing as fun as watching a tiny being you carried for nine good months and breast-fed grow to a substantial being in the society.

Digital creator and influencer Milly Chebby is one woman raising a super sharp girl,Milla Netai. The six years old is super gorgeous and brain wise she is a top. The two have got a bond and every body admires their relationship.You similarly can’t talk of raising girls without mentioning the talented media personality and radio queen Massawe Japani. She is a mother of three beautiful daughters and the way she relates with them is worth imitating.

Yvette Obura is another human and most important a woman as far as motherhood is concerned . She is raising a daughter,Mueni whom she sires with Bahati. Kenyans love how she’s twinning with the daughter in most cases. She’s publicly confessed her obsession with the daughter and we love how they show up and show off together.Judy Nyawira,aka Bi Mkurugenzi and her one and only daughter mumbus is a top Kenya’s duo as far as mommy daughter relationship is concerned. The teenage girl stole her parents affection and she makes their lives complete,in that they have no desire of giving her a sibling.Our very own top female DJ Pierra Makena and her only daughter Ricca is another Kenya’s favourite duo. Pierra is raising a super star and the bond existing between the two is so tight.

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