Lorna Irungu may have been laid to rest but she will forever be remembered.
Not only as a journalist, but as an enthusiast, a true and loyal friend, a great mother and wife. She was family to so many people.
Boniface Mwangi met her so many years ago and not in the best circumstances but she ended up being the friend he needed for him and his family.
“Lorna was good people. A rare gem. We met around 2005 when she was working at the Carnivore Restaurant. My work was to photograph celebrities hanging out, hers was to ensure l didn’t disturb them. One of those encounters ended up in the local dailies after she kicked a journalist (me) out of the establishment. She was loyal to her clients and friends, a loyalty l got to experience later when we became friends.” He took to social media.
He went ahead to narrate some memorable moments they shared.
“Calling Lorna was like drinking cold water on a hot day – she would hit you with so much energy and enthusiasm and cheered you up. Every problem l threw at her would end up with “what do you want and what can I do”? She wouldn’t just listen but would seek to figure out a solution or be one herself.
Lorna was there when l quit my job and decided to focus on social change. She was there at the first protest we organized – Love protest – in her sunglasses, accompanied by her friends. We all contributed money, printed t-shirts, placards and marched. Doctors, lawyers, politicians, children, clergy, my wife and kids – we were all there. She emceed our events for free. She defended me and fought bullies on my behalf. When l walked into unfamiliar spaces with her, l knew she had my back. We last shared a public platform at the Tutu Fellow’s reunion in 2020, where l was a speaker and she was the moderator. She was so happy for me when l joined the Tutu fellows family later in the year.
She had many opportunities to give up on the belief that Kenya could be better but she never did. She loved this country. She loved people and lived for the arts. She gave her time and money to friends and strangers. She supported the arts community. She gave her money to young, aspiring leaders running for public office and even organized fundraisers for them. Lorna and her partner, Macharia, raised money to support Ukweli Party.”
Boniface Mwangi concluded the post sending a message of condolences to the late Lorna’s family.
“On a personal level, she was a fantastic human being. She was there for me and my wife as a friend, a confidante and a comrade. We spoke last month and she was still hurricane Lorna, full of love and energy. We have lost a good human being and Kenya has lost a true patriot. To Macharia and your daughter, Nancy, my deepest condolences.”


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