Kennedy Rapudo Shares A Rare Family Photo Showing His Son Being In The Picture Too

Kennedy Rapudo Shares A Rare Family Photo Showing His Son Being In The Picture Too

Kennedy Rapudo, the fiancé of controversial Kenyan socialite Faith Makau alias Amber Ray has recently shared a rare photo of his family.

In what has actually never been seen before, the flamboyant businessman flaunted a photo showing how he had posed with his son Nate, his daughter Savuone and the love of his life Amber Ray.

Even though Kennedy Rapudo hid his son’s face with an emoji, what was clear is that Amber Ray posed while holding him as her stepson.

Like many other Kenyans out there, the four were actually in Naivasha over the weekend to watch the WRC Safari Rally spectacle.

Photo: Amber Ray, Kennedy Rapudo, Savuone and Nate

In a caption to the photo, Kennedy Rapudo even said that they went with Nate because he is part of the family too.

“Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten” Kennedy Rapudo wrote as a caption.

The photo was indeed rare, because baby Nate has been missing most of the family moments and photos for the longest time now.

This is because of the drama that was surrounding his father and his mother, where the former claimed that the latter was allegedly blocking him from spending time with him.

It can be remembered that Kennedy Rapudo even sued his 2nd baby mama (Nate’s mother) because of this and demanded that he be allowed to spend time with Nate.

Thankfully, it seems that the ruling at the court was favourable to him, as he revealed few weeks ago that he had spent time with his son.

Nate enjoys the rally event
Nate, who is actually 8-years-old right now, enjoyed the Safari Rally event so much.

This was again disclosed by Kennedy Rapudo, who shared another video of a car racing and accompanied it with a caption saying;

“There’s a special magic in witnessing the untamed majesty of nature alongside those you cherish the most – every turn, every bump, a story we’ll recount for generations. I’ve never seen my son this thrilled and excited”.

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