What’s the easiest excuse you have ever given someone just to break up with them?
Kamene Goro has narrated how she fake-cheated so that she could dump a guy she was dating.
Speaking during the Morning Kiss, she shared,
‘”My early 20’s were wild.
There was this guy who I was dating and nlikua nataka kulenga story yake (I did not feel his vibe). So I faked a story about how I was cheating.
I was just in my room doing nothing, he had called me the entire day and I did not pick.
I called him later and told him, I am sorry I had cheated on him.”
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Kamene was shocked as the guy did not break up with her.
“I was expecting to be dumped, but he told me that it was okay and that we could work through it.
In my head, I was like work through what?”
Jalango joked that he was dumped because he did not have a beard.
What’s the silliest break-up excuse you have ever been given?


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