The Monday August 23 conversation was all from the mature breakup between Alfred Mutua and Lilian Nganga.
The two have declared they are still friends and hang out on his birthday on the 22nd, proving their statements true.
Maina delved in saying “ladies I need you and your two cents. we were treated to what Kenyan men celebrated last week. the parting of ways of Alfred and alot of men are asking, why can’t Kenyan women be like Lilian? when it’s over you go respectfully?”
Mwalimu told him that is a dream to expect a Kenyan woman to go without drama
“You know you need to find a way to wind down, they can’t leave peacefully hakuna haja ya kuongeza pressure, hii kitu ya kuenda mkigonganisha masufuria, hakuna haja, pole pole, slowly”
‘Love never goes away,’ Governor Alfred Mutua’s advise to young couples
Prompting Maina Kageni to open up discussion to the audience asking “ladies did you leave peacefully? Is it possible to leave a Kenyan man peacefully after what he did to you? How did you leave your ex?”
A woman told Maina that it’s possible to leave peacefully recounting her painful but necessary moment
“I left my husband and it is possible to leave peacefully. i left him because he was cheating. And when you give you’re all Maina it doesn’t matter what that guy is giving you you just leave and close your heart completely. But when you decide this is what I want to do it does not matter Maina, you just go and forget, you don’t even take him to court, if he wants to look for the children fine, if he doesn’t fine. He cheated on me for three years and I kept forgiving him but he didn’t stop. They get to know your weakness and know what buttons to push. You can be friends, just guard your heart, . I felt he was gonna change, you just feel like you are fighting for your marriage you are just here confused but at the end of the day fight for the marriage if the guy has a drinking problem, not a cheating problem, because he will forever cheat, if a man cheats on you once he will do it again, you can’t try you can’t you just leave and go and forget, honorably”


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