“I’m Ashamed Of My Actions As A Pastor” Pastor Talks About A Scandal She Did Which Is Haunting Her

“I’m Ashamed Of My Actions As A Pastor” Pastor Talks About A Scandal She Did Which Is Haunting Her

Some hours ago Tuko news aired the story of a Kenyan pastor who talked about her life and tbe scandal which has been haunting her for quite sometime. According to her, she has been in the ministry for quite sometime and she was the one who started salvation in her family. When she was sixteen years and still in church, she met a man who married her despite being underage.

When she was around 17 Years she gave birth to her first born son. She later realized that her husband had already had several wives and she decided to leave the marriage. Later a man of God opened a church and gave it to her to run. One day while in church, a black car come into the church compound and among the people who come included his brother. Old woman who was among them greeted her and spoke in tongues which she didn’t understand.

Her brother said that she wanted her to lend them 60,000, since they wanted to do a very good business. They told her about the deal which she thought was very good. They told her that they wanted to wash her money and multiply to make it more without her working for it. They convinced her to a point she started giving them money thinking it would multiply. She gave them money to a point she started borrowing from her church members.

After loosing all her money, she sold her car at a throw away price of 320,000 that was bought to her by one of her church members. Within a short span of time she, she had already lost 800,000. She was expecting to get more than 40,000,000 in return. His brother was always encouraging her to continue with business. She lost everything and at the same time she had so many debts.

She was even taken to the police station and she never told anyone what had happened. She therefore decided to speak out since it was haunting her and she wanted her church members to know what happened. She said that today she is feeling ashamed of herself and what she did. Watch the full video below and share your views with us.

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