Older women are a hot ticket today as young men seek them out to live a soft life. The young men from Monday told Maina Kageni that these older women are ideal as they fund their life while younger women are left alone because they have high standards.
Maina was told by a youngin @kairetukene001 “Maina ..me I gave up on my agemates a long time ago …ndikwenda stress nie”
One such old woman on the Wednesday conversation August 11, told Maina on Wednesday that she will soon look for a young man.
“I’m hitting 40 next month and I walked out of my marriage last year. Today, it’s not about a man being there, marriage is about companionship, these young men don’t know hwo to be a companion to their age mates. Why should I spend my time with a young man who is not interested in me. Young men don’t know how to nurture relationships .I walked out last year, and I will get married around 50, . We have 50 year olds getting married to 30 year olds . I will settle at 50, in the meantime my kids will be big and out of the house. In the meantime, I am living life. It took me 15 good years to get the energy tow alk out, I believe in marriage but will marry again at 50 and my age mates are a no no, in the meantime I am living life”
A thrilled Maina told her “I love you” laughing away at her statement as Kingangi frowned at him for supporting her views.
A man somewhat told Maina Kageni that they should be left alone to date older women, terming it ‘life is for the living’.
“I’m 31 dating a 47 year old. Ni yeye huwa ananitumia pesa. Wacha tujibambe. Don’t judge us u ati tuko na wamam wazee, the ladies our age mates they are over demanding.Hio ndio maisha ya kisasa hata naplan kununuliwa gari. I live my life kutokana na pesa ya hio mzee and I have no apologies, na apoligize kwa nani?”


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