In a post on his Facebook page, Sonko said that in 1993, he left work where he was supervising the construction of his 14-bedroomed house in Kwale County and went to a police recruitment center at Kwale Grounds.
After going through various exercises, the last recruitment stage involved a 150m dash in which Sonko emerged position one.
“I was slapped several times and disqualified because I was running like a thief and not a police officer. I then went to my blue Mercedes Benz KUW 008.
“As I opened the driver’s door 3 cops followed me and asked whether it was my father’s car or I had been employed as a driver. Because I was angry, I said both were correct,” Sonko narrated.
Mike Sonko’s TBT photos excites fans
Mike Sonko’s TBT photos excites fans
Former Kwale Deputy OCPD intervened and told them the the young man was one of the wealthy residents who dealt in land transactions.
He then gave each of the police officers Sh3,000 and later met them at a local pud where they were enjoying drinks and they informed the former governor that he had qualified to join the police service.
“The following day I was excited and shared the good news with my friends Antony Oyier who was the DO Matuga (his father was a PC), Mzee Githende Gachanja who was the Principal Government Training Institute Matuga, Police constables Chacha, Ngowa, Aden and Muita who were all my best friends,”
They discouraged me and told me that I would experience so many problems during training. They also asked me why I had decided to join the police yet I was living comfortably,” Sonko added.
Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko
He concluded that God had a better plan for him, imagining how life would have turned out for him, had he joined the police service.
“I had the same dream like you in 2001 but thank God one senior person at that time in CID discouraged me and advised me to continue with my studies. For now I thank God I am not a police officer,” commented Josphat Siele.


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