“I Am Very Sick” Popular TikToker Reveals the Disease She is Suffering From

“I Am Very Sick” Popular TikToker Reveals the Disease She is Suffering From

In the country, there are several comedians and content creators; unfortunately, some of them have been struggling with some diseases, while others have been pronounced dead after being involved in terrible accidents, like in the case of Brian Chira, who passed away a few weeks ago.

According to the source, TikToker Nyako has once again broken her silence and revealed new details about her health status. As per the details shared by a well-known source this hour and at the same time circulating on social media, the TikToker has revealed that the disease she is suffering cannot be cured by money.

She has predicted that she might not live to 2027 during the elections. Further, he has clarified that she doesn’t want money from Kenyans because she is feeding several street children.

I quote her statement from the source: ” My sickness is humbling me; my heart problem is humbling me; money is not everything. And it’s not that I am broke and want money from you guys, no. The fact that I feed street children would have given me enough grace to never go hungry,” she stated.

Also, she has noted that her health is getting worse day by day, and the life she is living now is a bonus.

“The life I have remaining here is a bonus; I am very sick. If I start explaining to you guys how my health is failing day by day, you cannot believe me. If I do not die in the next three years, I will be a living miracle,” she added.

Let us come together and pray for her and wish her a quick recovery.

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