“Hii Machine ni Kubwa Sana” Kenyan MP as He Declines Marriage Proposal

“Hii Machine ni Kubwa Sana” Kenyan MP as He Declines Marriage Proposal

A Kenyan MP has elicited mixed reactions after turning down a marriage proposal from a lady identified as Lavyn Shantell.

Lavyn Shantell decided to shoot her shot to Hon Peter Kalerwa Salasya through a message written on a placard. She took a photo holding the placard which was circulated until it got the attention of MP Salasya.

“MP PK Salasya Marry Me Ready to settle Lavyn Shantell.” Reads the message which was accompanied by her number.

However MP Salasya turned down the proposal. He shared a message on his social media platform declining the marriage proposal.

According to the MP, he found Lavyn too big for him. The MP hinted that his type is a smaller size. Salasya said that he may be unable to handle the ‘big machine’ who is Lavyn in this case.

“Nasikia hii ikitrend. Hii machine ni kubwa sana. Sidhani kaa niko na nguvu ya kuendesha hii Machine, nitashindwa na kazi, sitaki kudharauliwa kwa sasa.” Reads MP Salasya’s message.

Remember MP Peter Salasya is one of the young MPs elected to the Kenyan Parliament before officially getting married. His colleague Linet Toto who was also elected unmarried already accepted a marriage proposal last year. Peter Salasya is yet to publicly propose or reveal his lover to Kenyans.


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