“Haiwezekani”Brain Chira Grandmother Visit Police station 

“Haiwezekani”Brain Chira Grandmother Visit Police station 

Monday, May 13, Esther Njeri, the grandmother of TikToker Brian Chira, went to the Ruaka police station with TikToker Obidan Della to request a thorough investigation into Chira’s death. Njeri doubts the official story that Chira died in a hit-and-run accident and suspects he might have been pushed to his death.

Njeri and Obidan want the police to look deeper into what really happened. Obidan explained that there are many unanswered questions about Chira’s death, and those who were with him before the accident have not shared their accounts. Njeri is determined to uncover the truth to find peace.

Recently, there were rumors online suggesting that Obidan and Njeri were romantically involved, but Obidan denied these claims, stating he is only helping her because of his friendship with Chira.

In other news, Njeri cut short a TikTok livestream after a heated discussion about her grandsons’ need for educational support, revealing that Chira’s cousins, who are orphans, are struggling with their studies.


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