Girl binge drinking Gilbeys in viral video told
A disturbing video of a girl having a fatal reaction to drinking alcohol with her friends over the weekend is trending.
Her friends can be seen encouraging her to binge because they are celebrating her birthday, have received the wrath of KOT who are now warning ladies to be careful about the type of friends they hang out with.
The video on nairobigist where the girl is chugging gilbeys and the next clip looking like she is convulsingheh! Mkona friends weird
KOT blaming Gilbeys for the video circulating of a birthday girl who almost succumbed. It’s not the Gin to be blamed, it’s the Kenyan drinking culture. We don’t teach our children how to drink, issues around se8uality are a taboo & financial literacy is unheard of. Awuoro
I can’t blame that girl though. Probably by the time they were making her guzzle the Gilbeys she had had several pre game shots. Her guard might have been down. Her choice making ability might have been poor I blame the clique and the restaurant for allowing that to happen there.


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