People generally avoid going into public toilets, unless they absolutely have to. Reason being most of them are dirty and uninviting places.
But that’s definitely not the case with this recently opened five-star public restroom in Chongqing, China.
The 150-square-meter restroom not only features an elegant interior design and quality materials like marble floors, granite imitation walls, lacquered wood doors and urinal separators, and even chandeliers, but also a central heating system and 24-hour air-conditioning that keep the place at a constant 26 degrees Celsius all year round.
The lavatories are the high-end type you expect to find in a five-star hotel or restaurant, and the walls are adorned with lovely paintings and live plants.
This place also features inductive water flushing equipment and even a high-quality stereo system that plays soothing music at all times.
The glass is only transparent from the inside, acting as a mirror from the outside. Strangely, unlike in Kenya where you pay to use a public loo, this one is free!


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