Bunge Tower will Save Parliament Sh400 Million in Rent Annually – Kingi

Bunge Tower will Save Parliament Sh400 Million in Rent Annually – Kingi

Senate Speaker Amason Kingi has welcomed the inauguration of Bunge Tower.

Speaking during the launch of the building on Thursday, Kingi said that the new building will save Parliament Sh400 million in rental expenditure.

Kingi noted that the 2010 Constitution ushered in a bicameral Parliament consisting of the Senate and the National Assembly, which led to an unprecedented surge in demand for space for lawmakers and their support staff.

He said Parliament had to seek additional office accommodation, significantly impacting its annual budget.

The Senate introduced 67 lawmakers, 47 of whom were elected by the counties, while 20 were nominated to represent various interest groups.

The National Assembly on the other hand saw an increase in members from 224 to 349.

“The increase in the number of legislators led to an unprecedented surge in demand for space for Members and their support staff, compelling Parliament to seek additional space,” said Kingi.

Members of Parliament will begin moving into the multi-billion shilling Bunge Tower after a decade of construction.

The tower is situated directly across Parliament buildings, has a tunnel and 28 floors with a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities for MPs and staff.

The building was originally designed for members of the National Assembly with 320 offices but the coming in of the Senate after the adoption of the new Constitution saw senators included.

Kingi noted that renting premises to accommodate all lawmakers and staff cost Parliament an additional Sh400 million.

Kingi said the situation justified the need for an office block like Bunge Tower.

According to Kingi, the tower not only provides a centralised work environment with all essential amenities easily within reach but also meets the standards of a modern workstation.

“The modern facilities available in this building, including a library, gymnasium, committee rooms, and other essential amenities, provide a conducive environment for Members of Parliament and Parliamentary Service Commission staff,” he said.

He added that the new building will bolster the image of the Parliament of Kenya as an legislative institution.

“It stands out not only for the beauty it adds to the Nairobi skyline but also for its outstanding features that have been of great interest to visiting delegations and school teams on learning tours,” Kingi noted.

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