Biden Gifts Ruto 16 Refurbished Helicopters Including 8 Huey Choppers During US Tour

Biden Gifts Ruto 16 Refurbished Helicopters Including 8 Huey Choppers During US Tour

President Joe Biden of the United States has gifted Kenya 16 refurbished helicopters, including 8 Huey choppers, during Deputy President William Ruto’s recent official tour of the US.

The announcement, made by the White House, shows the strong partnership between the two nations in matters of security and defense.

These helicopters are expected to bolster Kenya’s security operations and enhance its capability to provide regional peace and security, especially in peacekeeping missions.

The Huey helicopters, well-known for their versatility and reliability, are commonly used by military personnel during special operations.

Alongside the Hueys, the gift includes 8 MD-500s, further diversifying Kenya’s aerial fleet.

While the formal handover is scheduled to take place between late 2024 and mid-2025, the anticipation of these helicopters has already ignited optimism among Kenyan security forces.

The refurbished aircraft will undoubtedly contribute to Kenya’s efforts in maintaining peace and stability in the region.

Additionally, the United States has pledged long-term investments in Kenya’s defense capabilities, with a focus on building border security and increasing maritime security awareness.

Furthermore, to support Kenya’s fight against terrorism, plans are underway to expand the Manda Bay Airfield in the Coastal region.

This expansion includes the construction of a 10,000-foot runway, providing Kenya with the necessary infrastructure to enhance operations against terrorist groups like Al-Shabaab.

In addition to the hardware support, the United States has allocated funds amounting to Ksh2.4 billion ($18.7 million) for counterterrorism efforts and strengthening Kenya’s criminal justice system.

These funds will be utilized for training, mentorship, and equipping law enforcement agencies, court officials, and prosecutors.

Moreover, the US government is keen on promoting gender inclusivity in security matters through specialized training and mentorship for female law enforcement officers in Kenya.

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