Men can really embarrass you! Just when love was getting hotter and hotter on social media with sweet nothings, Arrow Bwoy found himself on the receiving end. The singer’s relationship with Nadia Mukami is now on the edge; after Arrow’s alleged marriage to another woman; by the name Fahima Faim for 10 years.
The exposé was done by Edgar Obare’s students. And as we know, they always back their allegations with receipts.
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Arrow Bwoy’s Decision
Well, Arrow Bwoy couldn’t just keep quiet over such a paramount issue which could lead to a break up. It seems like he has chosen Nadia Mukami over his alleged baby mama Faim.
Arrow Bwoy’s alleged baby mama-IG courtesy Edgar Obare.
Taking to his Instagram, Arrow Bwoy has written a cryptic message to insinuate that he has nothing to hide. He wrote;
”Everything is in black and white… Nothing to explain♥?”
On the other hand, Nadia Mukami had also dumped her Indian boyfriend Priyan for Arrow Bwoy; whom she claimed was just a ‘video vixen’. Her caption on D-day suggested otherwise.
Nadia Mukami might have just made the wrong move. If the allegations are true and she knew nothing about it, she might probably break up with him.


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