Comedian Eric Omondi is once again on the neck of KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua, this time asking him to change his ways.
Omondi took to social media to remind Mutua of his previous remarks that he will not be in office by September if he does not apologise to artistes.
“You cannot bite the hand that feeds you. We are your employers. I told you your only option was to apologise to the Entertainment Industry for your unfortunate remarks. But I guess it’s too late.
“I don’t know how true or false the word going around is, but I still promise you. Unless you Apologise and Change your ways…Hautakua kwa Hiyo ofisi by SEPTEMBER,” swore Omondi.
This comes after word went round that Mutua had been fired from the regulatory body, something he vehemently denied on Thursday evening.
“My attention has been drawn to reports on social media to the effect that I have been fired as CEO of KFCB. PLEASE IGNORE such malicious rumours.
“I am not aware of such developments and there can be no grain of truth in them as there’s no vacancy in the office of the CEO KFCB,” reiterated Mutua.
KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua [File, Standard]
It all originated from a tweet by Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr who claimed Mutua had been unlawfully ejected from office by ICT CS Joe Mucheru.
“Ezekiel Mutua unlawfully removed by CS Mucheru as CEO after being lawfully appointed by the Board. Laws are mere suggestions for this administration,” tweeted the Senator.
Omondi vs Ezekiel Mutua
A few weeks ago Omondi lashed out at Mutua for calling him poor and broke. In an audio clip that did rounds on social media, Mutua was heard labelling Omondi broke after he contributed Sh200,000 to Bahati following the cancellation of a deal between the singer and KFCB.
“Hakuna pesa alitoa. Omondi ni maskini…hizo ni sarakasi za kujionesha. Wanafanya hizo sarakasi waoneshe wanakejeli serikali lakini hakuna pesa ya kweli.
“Hawa watu wote ni maskini bwana wa kusaidiwa. Mbona hakumpatia mbeleni?Omondi hana ata mia ata elfu kumi ya kupatia watu…wasanii wanaumia…yeye ni muombaji. Sarakasi ndio zinafanya wapate depression. We talk to them and we know them and we know who is making money,” said Mutua.
A furious Omondi took to social media to respond and hit back at Mutua, accusing him of misappropriation of public funds.
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He went ahead to accuse the moral cop of failing to honour his pledges to artistes and promised to eject him from office once he gets back from Tanzania.
The comedian was particularly incensed by Mutua’s sentiments that the entire showbiz industry is suffering and most of them are living fake lives.
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“I am currently in Dar es Salaam about to make HISTORY by filling up the NATIONAL STADIUM and making money while at it. I promise you by the time I land back in Kenya I will ensure you are not occupying that office by September, juu you cannot call an entire industry MASKINI ambao hawajiwezi. Hawa ni Vijana ambao wanajituma ili wapate chakula. ENOUGH!!!”


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