Amount Of Millions Kenyan Billionaire Michael Macharia Has Been Told To Pay KRA After Losing Case

Amount Of Millions Kenyan Billionaire Michael Macharia Has Been Told To Pay KRA After Losing Case

In a significant legal development, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) successfully pursued a tax claim against Seven Seas Technologies, initiating the case in August 2020 and covering the period from 2015 to 2019. The resolution of the case saw Seven Seas on the losing end as it failed to provide additional documentation to counter KRA’s demands related to value-added tax (VAT), Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE), and withholding taxes.

The KRA’s victory in this case highlights the authority’s commitment to enforcing tax compliance and ensuring that businesses fulfill their financial obligations to the government. The case against Seven Seas underscores the importance of transparency and adherence to tax regulations in the corporate sector.

In a separate legal matter involving renowned Kenyan billionaire Michael Macharia, he secured a KSh 1.6 billion award against the government. This substantial award stemmed from the cancellation of a KSh 4.7 billion contract meant for wiring 98 state hospitals. The successful legal outcome for Macharia showcases the significance of contractual accountability and the legal recourse available to individuals or entities in cases of contract cancellations.


However, the juxtaposition of Michael Macharia’s legal victory and Seven Seas Technologies’ loss underscores the diverse legal landscape and outcomes in commercial disputes. The government’s decision to cancel Macharia’s contract and the subsequent award granted by the court contribute to the ongoing discourse surrounding government contracts and accountability.

The KRA’s successful pursuit of tax claims and the legal victories and losses in these high-profile cases demonstrate the complexity and diversity of legal battles in the business and government sectors. These cases serve as reminders of the need for businesses and individuals to navigate legal matters diligently, ensuring compliance with tax obligations and contractual responsibilities.

As the legal landscape evolves, these cases contribute to the broader conversations about corporate governance, tax compliance, and legal accountability within the Kenyan business environment. The outcomes underscore the importance of a robust legal framework and transparent business practices to foster a conducive and accountable business environment in the country.

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