Actress Yasmin Said Discloses She Is A Mom, Introduces Her Little-known Baby For The First Time

Actress Yasmin Said Discloses She Is A Mom, Introduces Her Little-known Baby For The First Time

Celebrated Kenyan actress Yasmin Said alias Maria has disclosed to the whole world that she is a mother.

Unbeknownst to many of her fans, the former Maria series actress already has a baby, whom she welcomed to the world some months ago.

Taking to her Instagram account on Saturday, the 27th of April, Yasmin Said infact posted a photo of her bundle of joy for the first time.

In some of the photos, the talented actress even posed with a man, who is presumably her husband and also the father of the baby.

What was clear however is that Yasmin Said hid both their faces, probably as a way to keep their identity a secret.

Yasmin Said and presumably her husband

The actress was however over the moon to share the news that she was a mom to her fans, and this was clear in a caption that she added to the photos where she said:

“Rare unseen footages 🥰🥰🫶🏾.

love #loveislove #lovelife #baby #mybaby #babybear”.

Yasmin Said’s disclosure however elicited massive reactions from netizens, who congratulated her for being a mom.

Other netizens were however left surprised, because they did not expect Yasmin Said to be a mom.

This is because the former Maria series actress has never been seen with a baby bump according to the photos that she has been sharing on her Instagram account.

Therefore many netizens were left wondering about when exactly she was pregnant and when exactly she birthed her baby.

Here is the link to the post showing the various reactions from netizens

If it is indeed true that Yasmin Said has a baby, then she must have kept the secret perfectly away from social media for awhile.

He move to previously keep the news a secret however is not a surprise, because she had also kept the details of her wedding a secret.

If you are a follower of Yasmin Said on social media, the you surely must know that she got married to her lover on Saturday, the 7th of October 2023.

After the occasion however, she never posted anything about the nuptials, not even the photos.

In an interview that Yasmin Said did in December 25, she however made it clear that she intentionally failed to post the photos of her ‘Nikah’ (wedding).

“Okay I shared a weddiing poster, but I didn’t know that watu walitaka nipost the ceremony and everything. I didn’t know…And I was the bride, sasa nilikuwa na time gani ya kuanza kupost my reception, my nikkah? Pia si lazima upgrade out there that this is my wedding” she said.

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