Woman With Beards Narrates The Challenges She Faces In Her Life, Reveals Reasons Why Men Avoid Her

Woman With Beards Narrates The Challenges She Faces In Her Life, Reveals Reasons Why Men Avoid Her

A Tanzanian woman with beards has revealed some of the reasons why men avoid falling in love with her or dating her.

Speaking during an interview with Wasafi Media on February 7, 2024, Elsie narrated some of the challenges she encounters due to her facial hair.

She stated that people accuse her of being a trans gender because of her facial hairs.

Elsie explained that men avoid dating her, since they fear being ridiculed by members of the public.

She is a businesswoman who earns her income by selling women’s and kids outfits.

Despite the talks of being a transgender, she is blessed with one girl.

Elsie divorced with her husband due to personal reasons that she didn’t mention.

According to Elsie, her condition is inherited and some of her sisters have the same condition even though their facial hairs are minimal.

Elsie urged the people to understand her situation and accept her the way she is, adding that she is not different from other ladies.

Additionally, Elsie urged people to support expand her business.

Elsie narrates her story of having facial hair. According to research, women can develop excessive facial hair due to higher-than-normal levels of androgen hormones.

These hormones include testosterone and androstenedione.

Hirsutism can affect anyone at any age.

One is more likely to experience it if a family member has also been diagnosed with it.

Its not possible to prevent hirsutism but there are various way of managing excessive hair.

For instance, unwanted hairs can be removed through electrolysis. This involves the removal of hair using an electric current.

Alternatively, the facial hairs can be removed by waxing and shaving. This method is pretty affordable and take effect immediately, but requires continual treatment.

Another method is Laser hair removal which involves the use of concentrated light rays to damage hair follicles on the skin.https://twitter.com/tv47news/status/1755546739279306856?t=eIVRV7_r6kB_tcleXcrlHA&s=19

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