Why This Tycoon Son Of Former President Willl Pull A Shocker In 2027 Presidential Race?

Why This Tycoon Son Of Former President Willl Pull A Shocker In 2027 Presidential Race?

Though he is best known for being a successful businessman, Muhoho Kenyatta could be planning to make a huge plunge into the murky world of politics in the run up to the 2027 general election.

If the story that was run by the Standard newspaper in December 2023 is anything to go by, then another Kenyatta could end up becoming Kenya’s President.

Muhoho Kenyatta is the son of Kenya’s first President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. His elder brother, Uhuru Kenyatta was Kenya’s fourth President. And now, he could be aiming to become the sixth man to lead the country.

Muhoho, 58, has been the face of the powerful Kenyatta family’s huge business empire. With his elder brother being the man running the political side of this successful and respectable family, it appears that businessman is keen to transition into the murky political waters.

Though he is a very low profile man, but behind the scenes, Muhoho wields too much power and influence. During his brother’s presidency, it said that he was among those behind Uhuru’s top political decisions. In other words, he has been a kingmaker in the larger Kenyatta family for some time. And now, the kingmaker is himself ready to become the king.

With President William Ruto obviously going to run for a second term in office then expect political fireworks in 2027. And this billionaire businessman could end up giving Ruto a run for his money.

There is no doubt that his candidature will be Ruto’s biggest headache especially in the battle for the vote-rich Mount Kenya region.

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