Why Cop Nicholas Musau Shoot Dead PhD Student Laura Kwasira Inside Her Las Vegas Lounge Club

Why Cop Nicholas Musau Shoot Dead PhD Student Laura Kwasira Inside Her Las Vegas Lounge Club

The tragic death of 31-year-old Laura Kwasira has left her family mourning and seeking justice after she was allegedly shot by police constable Nicholas Musau at a club on Wednesday.

Laura succumbed to her injuries on Thursday, just hours after the shooting occurred during a dispute over an unpaid bill amounting to Ksh.14,250.

The autopsy conducted at the Nakuru Referral Hospital Morgue on Thursday unveiled the severe nature of the injuries sustained by Laura.

Dr. Titus Ngulungu, the pathologist, revealed, “She was shot in the back…the body had five entry gunshot wounds, and we have also identified five exit wounds.

The bullets had damaged intestines, liver, pancreas and she had a loss of blood.” The detailed examination paints a distressing picture of the violence inflicted upon Laura.

As the family grapples with the devastating loss of their loved one, they are now advocating for justice for Laura, who was not only a mother of two children but also the owner of the Las Vegas Lounge.

The circumstances surrounding her death have prompted a broader discussion about the use of force and the responsibilities of law enforcement officers in public spaces.

The family’s quest for justice shows the importance of a thorough investigation into the incident to determine accountability and transparency.

The shocking details revealed by the pathologist further emphasize the need for a comprehensive examination of the events leading to Laura Kwasira’s untimely demise.

As the community mourns and the legal proceedings unfold, the call for justice resonates not only for Laura’s family but for the broader public concerned about the appropriate use of force and the preservation of public safety in such encounters.

The outcomes of the investigation will undoubtedly carry significant implications for the pursuit of justice and accountability in cases of alleged police misconduct.


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