Dj Mo and Size 8 this past weekend successfully held a graduation party for their first born daughter Ladasha.
In their latest youtube video on the Muraya’s channel, Size 8 her graduation party was a big deal because of her memories of difficult and life threatening pregnancy with Ladasha up to birth. The gospel singer was grateful for having come this far with Ladasha.
In the video, Size 8 tells she is not feeling well, but pulls herself together to plan the big day.
“wawale wako na difficulty in pregnancy don’t give up, we are celebrating almost six years plus her graduation so woho” screams Size 8.
“So guys siskii poa kabisa last week nimekuwa weorse, but I have to do this. We need to get you a dress okay a cake a venue, food, and we need to get soft drinks ok, and what else mama? and muymmy needs to make her hair, junior look at mama”
She adds “guys God will give me strength to do this atanipatia psyche, hehe I know god will give me psyche to do this ubaya ya kuwa mama ni mtoto hajui ukisikia vibaya na ni big day yake, mama ni kujikaza guys hehe. Guys let me tell you always be grateful to God if you are alive and you are healthy .I’m grateful that I saw wambo graduate and now I’m going for the party.wambo (1)
As the children play in the background, the couple sit and tell of their joy.
“I’m on top of the moon” She tells Dj Mo who wanted to know her thoughts of the party “ai niko heaven she is almost six years, she graduated on Friday July 31 and we are celebrating hapa kosewe westlands for her graduation party and we thank god for it, why we are so excited and making a big fuss of it is because ”
She went on to recall the difficult pregnancy and birth that almost made her believe she would lose wambo, and so the party was a thanksgiving for this far. “2015 November was a dark moment for us, but look at us now”


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