“Wanirudishie Dreadlocks” Peter Salasya Decries After Relaxing Hair in Salon

“Wanirudishie Dreadlocks” Peter Salasya Decries After Relaxing Hair in Salon

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya found himself in the spotlight after undergoing a hair transformation, much to his dismay.

In a video shared online, Salasya documented his experience of getting his hair relaxed, only to express disappointment with the results. Expecting a different outcome, the MP found his hair unexpectedly silky and soft, deviating from his usual dreadlocks.

Taking to social media to voice his dissatisfaction, Salasya lamented the loss of his beloved dreadlocks, likening his newly relaxed hair to that of a cat’s. He humorously called for the return of his dreadlocks or jokingly suggested the barber be held accountable for the perceived interference with his hair.

Netizens took to the comments section to react to Salasya’s hair mishap, with some offering humorous suggestions and others empathizing with his plight. Despite the unexpected outcome, Salasya’s hair transformation sparked a lighthearted exchange online, showcasing his ability to engage his audience beyond his political endeavors.

As the conversation surrounding his hair continues to unfold, Salasya’s candid approach to sharing his personal experiences adds a touch of humor to his public persona, resonating with his followers on social media platforms.

Video link; https://www.facebook.com/100010149782257/posts/2232038260477812/?app=fbl

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